Obesity occurs when a person’s body mass index is 25 or greater. There is not even a sling of doubt that there are many of us who are struggling with obesity. Crash Dieting is definitely not an option. Well, weight loss does take time. But the good news is – You can do it just in a week.

The only thing is required: Right changes and good habits.

     1.Eat your breakfast like a king

The more you will eat in the morning, you will feel a humongous difference in hunger. Start eating your heaviest meal in the morning. Your body accepts the nutrients, vitamins and minerals most at this time. It will keep you full for a long time. By regularly doing this you won’t starve yourself whole day.

     2.Understand, either your body needs Food or water.

I’ve seen this habit in lot of people. Generally, when our body feels slightly exhausted, we eat.  But all our body needs is water. Drink water as much as you can. You might not understand the importance of it now. But water helps 70% in weight loss. Stop feeding yourself when your body needs water.


It keeps your body at healthy level. It helps people lose weight and lower the risk of some diseases.  By exercise, I mean any kind of physical activity-Running, walking, zumba, dance class, cycling. Any exercise will help you lose weight and keep your body healthy.  The only reason behind it- ‘The number of calories we put in our body, we burn a certain amount of it.’ And if your body will have more calories and we don’t burn it, we will start to gain weight.

 Certain habits you need to change:

  1. Stop eating in front of television.
  2. Eat cautiously 
  3. Good sleep (6-8 hours)
  4. Drink green tea everyday
  5. Consume vitamin C
  6. Cut down your sugar consumption
  7. Drink water
  8. Vegetables and fruits are very important 
  9. 1 Roti has ‘110 calories each’. Eat Jawar roti instead of it. Jawar roti has 36 calories each and lots of fibre in it. It also helps in weight loss.






By Megha Pandya

[email protected]