We saw our love burn down to ashes.

I clearly remember it was a night of the full moon. We were at the beachside having one last
vacation together. I was wearing a short white Scallop Trim Open Knit Cover Up dress. I
could feel the breeze fizzling in my messy hair. As I walked barefoot on the sand I heard
him calling me, I looked back. He was wearing a cotton pant white in color along with a
blue shirt with his buttons opened, showing his abs. He was running towards me. As he
reached near me, he gasped for air.
I smiled and asked him if he brought the necessary things. He said yes. And that was it.
When it was the hour for the ritual. He gathered some sticks and a mighty fire roared.
As I stood facing the fire, he stood next to me. He bent down and opened a tiny bag. In
it were letters, gifts, cards and all the things I gifted him. I too had a cute little bag that
had dried flowers, ring, and other gifts that he gave me in the span of our relationship.
We put all the items in fire one by one talking about those moments.
Well, that was not all. He asked me how to annihilate the emotions and memories
associated with the things, associated with me. I did not have an answer. He held my
hand gently. Kissed me one last time. That was it. We walked into the burning blaze.
Next thing I remember was seeing how we were burning, how our love was turning into
ashes for people but in reality, we were only uniting ourselves in the bond of eternity.
Henceforth No religion, no caste can even touch us. We don't belong to earth anymore
and heaven doesn’t segregate people based on caste or creed.
Some might try to erase our sacrifice in the name of honor killings. But for some, we
are martyrs, who died for the honor of love.

And none could do nothing about it!

-Pooja Pariath