Pusarla Venkata Sindhu a.k.a P.V Sindhu has made it to Gold along with the hearts of many who wish to become something in life.
She is not only the first Indian ‘girl’ as they say but first ‘Indian’ to ever win the BWF world championships. At St. Jakobshalle, Basel, Switzerland, Sindhu gave her unbeatable performance by defeating the Japanese opponent Nosomi Okuhara. As a nation, we are thankful to her for making our flag rise at the top.

I remember it was 2016’s Olympic games at Rio where Sindhu caught the attention of the world. In a country like India, where cricket is loved like a religion, Sindhu succeeded in making a valuable in the hearts of countrymen. And now that she has won Gold, games like Badminton may find more space in Indian courts and minds of its people.

This win was as important to P.V Sindhu as much as it did to us. We as media and citizens always know how to appreciate but are better at criticizing. This is an answer to all the criticism and a sign that end never end. Its always happy ending.

A country like India where the sex ratio for the female is still in decline. where women have to fight every day with the imposed patriarchy, we need more Icons like P.V Sindhu who not only can play ‘Sports’ but also can turn her sweat into ‘Gold’.
As the great player ‘Tiger Woods’ had once said, “Winning solves everything”.

-Sagarika Patil