What is Antahkaran?

Antahkaran is a Sanskrit word meaning “Inner Faculty” or “Mental Faculty”. It is a trinity of intellect (Buddhi), instinct (Manas) and ego (Ahankara). Antahkaran also means “Internal Instrument” and figuratively speaking, it is a “path” or “bridge” that acts as a two-way communication. We, as communication students, want to become instruments of imparting our experiences and knowledge.

Who runs Antahkaran?

Antahkaran is an in-house publication of the National Institute of Mass Communication & Journalism, Ahmedabad. This news website is altogether a student’s initiative and is primarily dedicated to providing a suitable platform to present students and alumni, as well as those who do not have one to express their views on the world around them at large.

The website is run by a team of students elected from within the student body, for a specific amount of time. This is another reason why this website came into being. To provide students with practical experience of running their media house, albeit under the aegis of the Institute.

What makes it so different from other News websites?

Well, for one, it’s not only about news. We also strive to deliver insightful inputs on social, political and cultural issues. We try to bring in a new angle to what is happening out there. The angle which nobody has thought about; the angle not reflected upon. A new perspective from the minds of prospective Journalists, Advertisers and Communicators.

Antahkaran is our take on the world at large. It shows you a mirror of your city, your country and lastly, the world.

The content on this website comes not only from students, but also from other youth, academicians, photographers, cinematographers, journalists and stalwarts from parts of various industries