Kehte the log jo kabil nahi hai tu denge wohi salamiya…,

Dil thaam ke jhanha dekhenge ek din teri bhi kamiyabiyan…”


On the occasion of 50th anniversary of ISRO, film “Mission Mangal” released which is based on the project MOM ( Mars Orbiter Mission). The mission which was considered as most impossible mission became a giant success only because of the unshakable determination of two lead space scientists who thought why can’t India be the first country to reach Mars in its very first attempt & rest became history. 

The movie started with the nail beating sequence portraying the launch of GSLV-F06 and its failure. The head scientist Rakesh Dhawan took the blame on his head and in consequence, was relocated to the Project Mars.

Mission Mangal is one of those movies which neither has unnecessary drama, dialogues or scenes nor any irrelevant song sequence to target specific kind of audience. Writer-Director Jagan Shakti bagged another successful entertainer at the box office collections . Maintaining the simplicity of the language in the movie, he made sure that important messages are delivered to every set of audience.  

The way Jagan Shakti did the characterization of every single lead of this film, showed how important each one was for the mission. Indeed, Akshay Kumar who played Rakesh Dhawan and Vidya Balan who played Tara Shinde were the backbones of the film. Apart from that, every character had a story with which we can relate. 

Mission Mangal was headed by 8 inexperienced scientists who initially felt stuck in the Mangalyan project. Ekta who had an only objective to join NASA & settle down in the career. Neha ( Kirti Kulhari) who was Spacecraft Autonomy Designer had her own set of problems associated with her religious background. Krika ( Taapsee Pannu) a Navigation expert got so involved in the caretaking of her ex-serviceman husband that she even forgot her objective for becoming a space scientist. Varsha (Nithya Menon) a satellite designer and payload expert have been shown struggling with her mother-in-law’s taunts back home for not being able to bear a child. Parmeshwar Naidu (Sharman Joshi ) had his issues in finding a bride for him. He even felt that mission mangal should be aborted because being part of the mission the chances of his marriage will get diluted. Ananth Iyer who played the role of senior scientist has almost decided to retire & go for a tirth yatra with his wife. Tara ( Vidhya Balan) a project director had a constant struggle to manage between her family & her job. In fact in one of her discussion with her son, who considered A R Rahman as his icon & started practicing Islam religion, that “to worship the power and not the picture.” Rakesh Dhawan( Akshay Kumar) who have been seen humming Bollywood songs in line with an ongoing situation if not doing research, is the most chilled out and positive character who never felt giving up an appropriate option.

Every character was beautifully crafted and did their roles. This movie is surely based on the true and proud incident but has factors that may seem to be exaggerated. As we all are aware that ISRO and its missions have their security and confidential information which movies cant depict. Thus at some point, you realize that you just saw everything that you read on google but the movie did not give in any other information.

The last scene keeps the audience glued whether the mission mangal will become successful. You’ll witness your goosebumps being raised & spirit of patriotism will start revolving in your DNA.

Lastly, the unshakable determination, passion, and regularity of Rakesh Dhawan and Tara Shinde to motivate the team, plan the entire mission to fit in the budget of 400 crores, use of home science techniques could make this impossible mission possible.

So ” Purii duniya se Kaho copy that..”

-Himani Dhirawani