Motivation is something which makes you get out of your comfort zone and lets you
do something which you believe is good for you. In today’s world, with so much
competition and people trying to pull you down all the time, you have to decide if you
want these people to affect you or just ignore them and use these people as some
inspiration to do something. Every time you get dissed by someone, just use them as
a tool of inspiration to achieve something in your life. My equation is simple,
greater these people try to pull you down = more inspiration and more
success in your life. Just try to be focused and don’t let these people affect you.
It can be anyone or anything which/who is trying to influence your mind like for example, It could be someone who is trying to take over your mind by promoting something or
advertising something which tempts you to buy it, and this is something that I myself
have gone through.
So basically, what I meant to say is, may it be promoters, Influencers or  criticizers–
on a root level, someone who is trying to intimidate you or is trying to influence your
mind, take a moment, think it through, go by your conscience and do the right thing.
And I guarantee you that this act of yours will motivate you. 

Motivation is all you need to push your bad days into happier times. Do not let anything stop you back. Whenever there is a hurdle, stand in front of the mirror and do your SWOT analysis. Learn to motivate yourself and be the next example of a success story.


-Kshitij Wagh