Mumbai is famously called a city of dreams. Why? Because anyone who dreams big, the
people who you have adored for many years, everyone had a story. They left their home town to pursue their dreams. Mumbai as a city has so much to offer to anyone and everyone.
Everyone in their right frame of mind opts for Mumbai for the career growths in their
respective fields. I am not saying that other cities don’t have anything to offer. But this city is special on its own.
Correctly said it is the city of dreams. But let me break the glass for you. Mumbai is not at all dreamy. And this comes from a girl that has been in love with Mumbai since ages. Mumbai is a beautiful place with beautiful people but it paints quite a picture of the reality what life really is, how we ponder over petty issues when there is a bigger fish to fry. You travel in locals and you see people who are traveling innumerable kilometers from one corner of the city to other to just satisfy the basic necessities of their families. While the newcomer in the city was sad that she didn’t have good accommodation. That brings me to the point that Mumbai is a humongous city but finding accommodation that suits you is one hell of a task. Mumbai tests you at all the levels. Mumbai tests your patience that how much you can endure in terms of communicating with people, commuting to fulfill your needs.
And at the end of the day, I will say sleeping on the marine drive or footpath is not exaggerated.
By the end of the day, you are so tired of the routine that all you would like to do is sleep with peace. You beneath the beautiful night sky and the breeze brushing through your hair makes you forget everything. You sleep without caring who is next to you. People also don’t bother who is next to them. It is a place where people will be singing and the strangers will be joining them. It’s just a beautiful sight to watch. The place actually proves the saying ‘Mumbai never sleeps’ Even at the odd hour of 4 AM, it will be hush with people which is a rare scene in other cities.
I have been to many cities and have enjoyed living alone. Mumbai is the city which made me homesick. I cried my heart out in the first week itself. But let me tell you as much as
Mumbai takes away from you it gives you back also. The city has a spirit imbibed in it that it makes you wipe the tears out and stand up again to beat your limits and make the best version of yourself. Mumbai has made me think that there is so much to learn about myself. I am on the path to learn about myself, the city and different people who exist in this world.
Because as clichéd as it sounds, we are just a tiny bit and not the whole world. It has brought humility in me which I never thought I had. It makes you learn, the hard way definitely, but a lesson to be etched in mind forever. Mumbai makes you a better person and makes you ready for the probable struggles coming in life ahead.
You realize you are not the only one who is struggling for survival. Everyone has the
same story. That makes you unconsciously behave nicely with people because you understand the pain. You know how hard it is to exist in this city. I had my share of struggles and it has still not ended. All I am doing is ‘Carpe Diem’ my friend.

-Veena YJ