A social media freak who stalked and was online every time is now tired of those repeated pictures that keep coming in search feed! Sigh, Why are the celebrities getting married :’)

Tired of scrolling through pictures of celebrity weddings and hundreds and thousands of events that follow their wedding celebration. A normal marriage ceremony involves functions like sangeet, mehendi, wedding, and reception. However, these days the definition of marriage is completely re-defined. It is more about having multiple receptions with different wedding ceremonies.


    This trend of having various receptions was started by Virat and Anushka and now, it has been taken up to a whole new level by Deepika and Ranveer. Entire social media was flooded with their pictures, small videos and it almost felt like we were attending their wedding in person. There were a number of celebrations and multiple receptions involved in “Deepveer” wedding. In fact, their functions lasted long enough for “Priyanka Chopra” and “Nick Jonas” to get married in between. (Only if my weekends were as long as their celebrations!”) and to be honest, hats off to their courage. I mean c’mon, you require a lot of courage to socialize for that long!

Priyanka and Nick’s wedding well followed the trend by involving an endless number of celebrations and receptions in India and other countries and by the time you think it’s all done; Isha Ambani will get married.  With too many weddings this year it’s like a “wedding-ception” going on. We have entered a glittery black hole, where there is no concept of time and distance. The only thing that matters is Sabyasachi’s designer outfits! And ya surely some wrong tags.

The last few months have been all about celebrity weddings in the Indian film industry. For some sections of Indian media, bringing every detail of these weddings has been the topmost priority. I mean there are many other important things than these big fat marriages. And for a generation whose ambitions and life goals are easily captured through hashtags on Instagram, these weddings – with an extravagant display of wealth and symbol of material status have been the stuff of aspiration. And now these weddings have become goals for many people as they have increased their expectations.

I felt like I have attended every celebrity wedding that happened this year as I am aware of each and every detail of it even though I wasn’t present there personally! Honestly, we all were excited about it but we never wanted things to get overloaded. Because every detail of these events is being updated on social media every hour, every minute. And to be honest, after seeing these pictures everywhere it was really annoying. Talking about the nice side, I am happy they are married but yaar Dil bhi bahuton ka Toota hai!

The problem with media is that they over sensationalize, not the fault of stars nor the fault of people sharing; the fault being the paparazzi and over hype. Let them get married and live happily and let us be happy in our own lives.

Shina Utvani

[email protected]