On the occasion of 72nd Independence Day, a group of youngsters Friends + Venture did a charity ride from Ahmedabad to Dholka. The charity was done for Nesda Government Primary School in Dholka village with 150 bike riders. The ride started around 5:30 in the morning.

Started in 2016 the ride for charity is organized every year on Independence Day and Republic Day. The rides are basically done for the students studying in the government schools. There were around 230 students present in today’s event. This was the 5th consecutive ride for charity by the group. Areas near to Ahmedabad city are selected for charity ride and children are given various gifts. Flag hoisting ceremony is done with the school children, and the riders share their views among the students. This time the gifts presented to the children included Exam Pads, Sports kits, Compass Box and many more. The bike riders themselves donate it to the school children. The limit for bikers doesn’t exceed 150 if in case someone wishes to join he/she can join by taking cars.

 On talking to Rahul Desai, one of the three organizers, he said that I with Naveen Kumar Yadav and Chirag Gupta started “Friends + Venture. Our main motto behind doing the ride for charity is just to share happiness among the children, we had a passion for biking and patriotism and we just connected it to charity not on big scale but at least till some extent. It all started with the group of 100 riders in the beginning and now we are a group of 150 bike riders. Riders from all over Gujarat participate in this event.”

The next ride will be on Republic Day i.e. on 26th January 2019.

By Bhavisha Makhijani

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