Best Beach Destination of India –  South Goa

A place where every single youth of this country wants to go with their friends, isn’t it? But do you know that it is a family destination also? When we think about Goa, all we imagine is beaches and beers but no Goa is more than beers and beaches. It has a beautiful history. It has a soothing touch of East Indian culture as well as Western Portuguese. Walking on the land of Goa surrounding by Portuguese house or Palm trees all around you is also as romantic as beach walk with your loved one. Goa has so many things to explore like beautiful churches, water sports and perfect romantic eve at the beach, heritage places, road trips, enjoying Konkani food on the streets of Goa, nightlife and much more.

In short, a perfect vacation trip where you can enjoy yourself and explore so many new things with your family and friends without the need of umm… booze!

Goa is a place where you can get relaxed and achieve some seriously easy going and unhurried peace as well as fun and adventure along with beers and casinos (which is what people remember it for). Hence, we can say that Goa is divided into two districts South Goa and North Goa. One has peace and relaxation where others have nightlife. If you are a family person or wants to spend some good time with your special one, then South Goa is the perfect destination for you. Here is the list of some places along with some activities you can do whenever you visit South Goa.

  1. Dudhsagar Water Fall:

Remember this waterfall? Yes, this is the same waterfall seen in the movie Chennai Express. It is India’s tallest waterfall with a height of 1017 ft. It is located on Mandovi River. The waterfall is surrounded by deep forest and rich biodiversity. To reach this wonderful destination in earlier time you should go by foot or train but now there are certain jeeps available for hire which cost around 2700 INR and can carry 6 people at a time. During the monsoon, season tracks are the only way to access this destination.

  1. Cabo De Rama:

So, the next place you should visit in South Goa is Cabo De Rama Fort, which is the oldest and biggest fort in South Goa. The fort is located in Cancona town in South Goa. There’s also a small church in this fort. If you want to feel old Goan culture, then this place is for you. The history says that the name of this fort comes from Lord Rama. It says that he and his beloved wife Sita stay there while they were exiled from Ayodhya. This fort is also providing the vantage point to enjoy the breathtaking view of the sunset over the Arabian Sea. In Monsoon season due to heavy rain some times there can be a block to reach there (just a good to know stuff.)

  1. Butterfly Beach:

What if you get an adventurous and romantic place at the same time and that too on a very secret place? Sounds exciting? Butterfly beach is a small yet most beautiful beach in Goa. This beach gets its’ name because you can spot thousands of butterflies over there. The view becomes breathtaking at the time of sunrise and sunset. You can go there with your family with a picnic basket and spend some quality time or you can plan a beautiful romantic date with your loved one. Hence, this beach is the most romantic beach according to me and its also known as the Honeymoon beach. Tadaah! How convenient!  To reach, you need to pass through by dense forest however, it is a good opportunity for young hearts for trekking, rock climbing and sunbathing (Safety first). But, if you want to feel nature then you must take the boat ride from Palolem beach. That’s a whole different way to rejoice the natural beauty it is blessed with.

  1. Silent Party:

So, it is the place where you can dance and get relaxed (from stress). Silent party in South Goa is one of the best innovations for tourist where you can dance on the beats till midnight. All you have to do is put the provided headphone and put on the music and get lost in the dance. This peppy party is located near the south end of Palolem beach. If you’re someone like me who love partying then this place is for you. The cost of this silent party is around 600 INR per person included headphone. You can enjoy this party between 9:00 p.m. to 4:00 a.m. All this and no noise pollution. How cool!

Naval Aviation Museum:

This place is one of my personal favorite in South Goa. This beautiful museum is located on the South side of Dabolim Airport, Bogmalo Road. This museum holds the evolution of Indian Naval Air forces. Basically, this museum is divided into two parts; one is outdoor and another one is an indoor gallery. In the outdoor exhibition, you can walk around and see different types of decommissioned aircraft. Where, as in the indoor gallery you can read and learn about how the Indian Navy and Air force works. In the indoor gallery, every room is design in a certain way that the room itself has a certain story to tell. Some room even has weapons like booms, torpedoes, etc and the attire of the member of Indian Air force and Navy forces. This museum even has some vintage photograph of Indian Navy’s proud history. In this museum, you can carry your own camera but you have to pay a certain amount for that. You can visit this museum between 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. every day except Monday.

  1. Bogmalo Beach:

Have you ever imagined how beautiful life is underwater? If you want to see the breathtaking view of underwater or you want to feel that underwater world then this place is for you. Bogmalo beach is small yet quite near from Dabolim airport and it is for Scuba diving activities. You can even spend your spare time before your flight over here relaxing and enjoying the heart touching sound of waves.

7. Rivona Caves:

The next attraction in South Goa you should visit is Rivona Caves, which is located in the small village of South Goa called Rivona. these beautiful caves are the creation of Buddhist monks around the 6th century and this place is also famous for meditation. If you are a historical geek, then you must visit this place as its one of the best example of Buddhist influence on Goa.

  1. Cavelossim Beach:

So, this place is for people like me who are adventure seekers as well for those who want to spend some romantic time with their loved ones. Yes, Cavelossim beach has so many activities like water sports as well as astonishing view during sunset where you can just sit with your loved one and feel a pleasant atmosphere. There are a number of water sports activities like JET SKIING, BANANA BOAT RIDE, PARASAILING, WINDSURFING, DOLPHIN SPOT and what not! You can also enjoy sunbath over here. The water is so clean that you can play with waves of the ocean or can take a lovely walk. Moreover the black color of lava rock with the white sand that adds more beauty to this amazing beach. This is the best beach destination in Goa that makes your vacation extremely wonderful and pleasant. There is also the main road which is lined by market so you can also do shopping over there. In short, this is a perfect destination for the couples, adventure seekers and beach lovers. You simply can’t miss out the beauty of this beach.

Local Food of Goa:

Ok, so now moving on to the next one. I am going to share some local Goan Dishes which you should try to taste the flavor of local food. This local food is also known as Konkani food.

  1. Goan Khatkhate:

This delicious dish is Goan vegetable stew. It has channa dal and toar dal mixed with the different types of vegetables like carrot, drumsticks, potatoes, green beans, etc. it also has the spicy coconut paste and served with a bowl of rice with ghee on top.


The next dish is Sorak which is nothing but a simple vegetarian curry. This is the best food to have in monsoon season. This dish has spicy masalas along with tomatoes and onions. This dish serves with hot steamed rice.

  1. Bebinca:

This is a dish which one should not miss out as it is the best dessert one can have in Goa. It is a multi-layered cake prepared with coconut milk, sugar, eggs, and flour. You can also say that this delicious dessert is a pancake with a touch of Goa. The sugar in this is caramelized sugar which adds rich flavor to this dessert.

-Trishaa Sonpal