“Experience is knowledge. All the rest is information”.

 “The only source of knowledge is experience”

                                                                     – Albert Einstein

The quotes stated above are very simple but definitely has a deep meaning. If you understand it then you are one step towards being wise but if not, then life can have some surprises for you because life shows you its true color. 

Knowledge is what you gain from books and institute, which, helps you implementing it in your practical life and get new experiences. Knowledge is not one-time education; it should be continuous otherwise it will be useless. And experience is what you get from it for your life. It teaches you a new lesson every day and makes you stronger and helps you to become a better version of you.


This world is very demanding and it demands you to be a balanced individual. Because many a times a person can have good knowledge but may not be well versed with practical exposure. On the other side, what if a person is a risk-taker but doesn’t have basic knowledge? In both the scenarios, person won’t be able to gain to the best of his abilities. That is why experience and knowledge must be balanced.

 A small piece of advice for every student and especially for journalism students: You should realize at a very early stage that you need to work hard to get recognized in any kind of journalism field, be it print, electronic or ad/pr.

Here I will share my small experience: As of now in college, we are working on news production. So as a reporter my job was to get on field and get required information. My area of coverage was on sensitive topic: “Why government are not taking any legal actions on criminals like in the cases of Kathua, Unnao and Surat”.  For this I needed a strong opinion from a criminal lawyer. I had 5 days and I had approached 5 to 6 lawyers but everyone refused for some or the other reason. Till the last day I had no clue how I’ll complete my work. Still I didn’t lose hope. Somehow, I managed my reporting. From this small experience, I learnt one thing that even I had many sources but it was difficult for me to get the task done. But my patience level definitely got better and helped me in not giving up till last moment. This experience helped me to be a better version of myself on personal front.

Similarly, experience not only teaches you about professional life but it makes you stronger personally too. You will develop a sense of taking things in an organized way. Don’t try to use both words alternatively. It will create a mess in your life. Experience comes when you have knowledge and knowledge bank stacks up when you desire to work on the field.

 Fill your life with experiences, not things. Have stories to tell, not stuff to show.

Ruchika Agarwal

[email protected]