National Institute of Mass Communication and Journalism (NIMCJ) students conducted 35th –  Independent Mass Power(IMP). IMP is a student forum for discussions and debates about the topics important at Local, State, National and International level, Entertainment, Literature and many such areas.

On 14th March, NIMCJ students did a rigorous discussion on ‘Media content- Truth or Perception?’  Much heated topic of the hour was debated in the 35th episode of IMP. Mr. Devang Bhatt (Channel Head, GTPL) was invited as an expert panelist in the panel of 4 members.  Mr. Devang Bhatt, with 22 years of experience in media, and 4 panel members namely- Ruchika Agrawal, Rishita Jani, Kinjal Panchal & Sameer Parmar discussed the topic to full extent.  The discussion was moderated by anchor Nirja Jhala. The discussion was also live broadcasted through the medium of Facebook. Accordingly, Indo-American journalists, editors of newspapers and senior journalists of big media houses also participated in the discussion.

Panelists had given following takeaway points:

  • Media is a fourth pillar of democracy. Media has brought positive change in the society.
  • Media has not changed our perception has changed
  • Unlike Print media, News Production house has to generate content round the clock, resulting into occasional compromise with genuine content. Reporters need to generate genuine content to avoid the compromise.
  • Social media has made everyone journalist. So, credibility is questioned.

With such a wide demographics such as India, Media especially electronic becomes the sole and most trustworthy source of information regarding innumerable issues persisting in country and world over quoted Mr. Devang Bhatt. He further added that editor also plays a very important role in choosing the content to be disseminated. He advised the budding journalists not to embellish the facts, figures or stories but rather stick to authenticity of the story and serve as many positive news as they can.

Concluding the whole discussion, a significant solution was raised- Not only media, but, audiences should encourage positive news and not promote irrelevant news in this digital age.