With a ray of a beam of bright Sun, coming out with lost hopes, broaden scopes, and faith in it. Spreads these shafts of light from the east. Playing hide and seek with the boy, who was still asleep in his bed. He woke up with one of the rays on his face, which came from the nearby window, with a smile. He got up and pulled the curtains away, and took a glance at the beautiful morning, scanning from left to right sideways where his garden was located. The dew drops were twinkling on each little grass.

                But now, it was time to have something inside the tummy. So he came out of his room and went in the kitchen, took out the milk and mixed ingredients of tea. Took some utensils and started chopping tomatoes and onion softly banged the egg, and mixed the chopped items and pored for himself on the pan, cooked it for 2 minutes and now breakfast was ready. He seated in a chair and served himself with the feast and a newspaper. It was Sunday and no office today. Mr. Fix had his meal and went on for a wash. He turned on the shower tap and placed himself under it, with his closed eyes.

                It had been years, when last he went outside for himself, for fun, for entertainment, otherwise, he with his computer were always together with the stock updates. Mr. Fix was obsessed with success, for being a successful man; he lost all his adorable moments. And finally he was successful, at peak of his success; whatever he dreamt was around a bungalow, in the city’s posh area, 5 to 6 tycoon cars parked in a decent way in the parking area, Huge swimming pool in his house, everything.

                He opened up his eyes and turned off the shower tap. Life had given him all sort of luxuries he deserved, but today he was alone, all alone to enjoy, alone to get depressed, alone to fight, alone to listen, alone to speak, in every way alone.

                Now again the sun arose in the sky, spreading the same beams, which fell on the face of Mr. Fix he woke up and called Miss Briganza, his nurse, who came and mounted him on bed to have a seat. She took the brush and brushed Mr. Fix and served him tea and the meal, read the newspaper for him. Mr. Fix said to Miss Briganza that he had a dream in which he himself did all the work, he could walk, run, dance, made the meal himself. However, at present, it was just a dream. Tears rolled by his eyes.

                At the stroke of 10, Miss Briganza, came with medicines and gave away to Mr. Fix. Now he was no more a boy, but a man in his early fifties. From last 10 years, he was paralyzed in a car accident. It was now time for a quick nap in the noon, but he did not want to sleep, but a doctor had advised, Miss Briganza gave him an injection so he could sleep.

                Mr. Fix’s physical body slept, but his mind, the only active part did not. He remembered the times of his past, where he could fall in love, marry a decent girl and could have a family of his own. Instead, he was obsessed with all monetary terms. He just moved too fast, in his past, so now he wanted to move again and be mortal as soon as possible. But he could not, in past he was the creator of his future, and now the phases have been in favor of Almighty.

                Maybe something was missing in his life something unusual that is hard to believe. At any point of time, if we find that all situations are going out of control, we may be the luckier ones, because it is the god who leads us to the undefined, unknown destiny. Mr. Fix was now physically awakening and was having a look at the idiot box. It was an ongoing talk show, about ‘Life, and Death in Life’. He found many participants sharing their views, about it. One of them said, Life is for living, and death in life occurs when some sort of incident takes place where the sufferer or the doer realizes at some sort of time, that this happening can be the outcome of the deeds done by him.

                Mr. Fix felt, that the participant was his own representative. He again went in past and went through almost everything. He suddenly felt all the feelings of fear, sadness, zeal, greed etc. at the same time and remarked as if this imagery feelings were destroying his body, operating and searching a place to enter in his torso. As it happens in an operation theatre, the outcome is either ‘Life or Death in Life’. And the latter had entered in his life.

                Almost unbelievable, but sometimes realizations are necessary. It can be the leading factor of destiny. Today Mr. Fix has a lot of money, but what about internal pleasure?? Life is always uncertain, but death is always certain.

                He understood that the epi-center of his grief is, he never lived for himself, he was always unjust to himself. God gave us life, and poured a wonderful part of his soul in form of our soul, with a responsibility to live, enjoy to the fullest possible, but only a few people do that.

Deepen Upadhyay

[email protected]