One of the most common concerns solo female travelers face is safety. Because of that, women avoid travelling alone. But wait, you don’t have to sacrifice. I know travelling solo is fun and it’s not always possible to find friends who are able to travel with you. Let’s explore the world alone that we have dreamt of.

Here are the safety tips you should take into consideration before you go!

  1. Carry these few things for self-defense

Travelling by train, bus or taxi it’s important to make yourself ready to fight if something bad happens with you. Carry red chili powder, Pepper spray, knife (if possible, as you cannot carry knife in flight), and Tactical pen for self-defense.

 Make sure you have a quick access on these things when you need it. Put it in a purse from where you can easily get. Using these tricks will not stop attackers, only slow them down. So prepare yourself accordingly.You can buy self defense products online.

  1. Wear clothes like a local

Always dress like a local to avoid the unwanted attention from the people to yourself. Wear appropriate clothes wherever you go. In India it may not be suitable to wear extra short clothes.

  1. Choose your accommodation wisely

Stay in a hotel which has good safety records. Reputable hotels are safe. Make research about the places where you are planning to stay and to travel. Just be more aware of the place you’re heading to. Don’t compromise on your safety to save money.

  1. Know where you’re going and Pay attention to your surrounding

Don’t let people know that you are a traveler and new to that particular place. Act like a local. Use GPS or Google map to know the route or place instead of asking people. Behaving like a local will help you to avoid unwanted attention.

  1. Transit safely

  • If you are travelling alone in a cab or an auto rickshaw and the driver tries to take a friend along, say no. If they don’t agree, get a different taxi/rickshaw. Use public transport instead.
  • If not possible to travel by bus or something then make sure you snap a picture of your car’s license plate before you get in it and send it to your friend or family member. Also you can note the number and call your friend or family member and inform him/her about license plate number of the vehicle you are travelling in. So that driver could not try to do anything wrong with you. As he knows his information has been shared with someone.
  • Track your route on Google map. If you found driver going off route then shout. Seek help. If no one is there then use your scarf or dupatta to pull his neck. It will help you to walk down from the cab.

Still, nervous about travelling solo?

If you are still not confident enough to travel solo then don’t go for it. Travel with your family and friends!

Stay safe and be confident!

Keep Travelling!

By Niha Parmanandani

[email protected]