“Some people survive chaos, and that is how they grow.

And some people thrive in chaos, because chaos is all they know.”

– Your soul is a River, Nikita Gill


I heard this and immediately, the first thought which came in my mind was, I belong to the second category. Be honest, you had the same thought too, didn’t you? 

I may not know the details of your life, but my dearest reader, I know, and I wholeheartedly accept that you are trying your best to thrive, unimportant, if no one else feels so.

Because, it isn’t your bad if someone is simply seeing your finger pointing out to that moon and not the moon. The significant thing here is, you are seeing and cherishing the moon and ultimately that is all that will make a difference. 

So, here I am, congratulating you, rewarding you with a letter, jotted down just for you, happy reading!

This letter is for you,

The you, who carries a name and form with itself, sometimes cries to sleep, but never fails to wake up to smile and shine. 

The you, who thought the previous struggle was the last struggle, because you won’t last to face anymore, but the situation didn’t last and to the contrary, you lasted and not just that, also became stronger. I am proud of you, warrior!

The you, who thinks, being kind, no longer ends up receiving kindness, but still end up being kind, because that is all you know the world needs.

The you, who feels overweight by responsibilities, yet never fails to unburden others by listening to them, by being with them

‘How come I know so much about you?’ you think. Because my dearest reader, you are no less than a star, visible shining to everyone, however, known by few, the burning it takes inside to radiate outside. But I know you, because I love stars and they told me about you!

I read this somewhere, if you live in a burning home for too long, you get used to the fire and I couldn’t just agree anymore. The heat becomes warmth and wraps you in a blanket of Grace. Hey, wait a second, isn’t that the same thing with our lives too?

Even after pondering so much about chaos is all we have in our lives, we have started to make peace with this thought, realizing, that is how our life grows and we thrive!

We have begun to understand that the best thing about life is, we have got every reason to be hopeful because nothing is certain, and the most important thing is appreciating what exists. 

We are comprehending that, it is not about simply getting used to but about getting better from every nook. With time and knowledge, we have learnt to take it as a rollercoaster ride, enjoy and cherish the adventure and the challenge it offers.

Yes, I know, there are times when we don’t find ourselves thriving, there are times when we don’t find any hope, and the times when we feel like we are a novice again and the times when the ride instead of elation brings apprehensiveness. But that is what makes us humans, makes us an epitome of emotions with mindfulness. 

In fact, we all go through this phase, where we simply learn to take the ebbs and flows of the ocean of life, and the way the author puts it, our soul, the river, learns to be merged and get identified with it.

Not to forget, we are in this together, and with such insightful writings, we will make this together last forever!

So, here I am, proud of you, for leaving no stone unturned and making sure that every stumble you go through, you grow through!

Wishing you yet another week of chaos and challenges that brings you reverence.

Toodles until we meet again with yet more aromatic nook of another book!