When we are happy, we are afraid it will be taken away. That we will wake up one day and the person or moments that made us so happy will disappear. We have spent so long wanting this happiness that when it arrives, we struggle to enjoy it out of fear it will leave. But happiness comes and goes like clouds and rain and steamboats on long rivers. It washes onto the sand and washes back. To find happiness is to navigate through a world that sometimes seems colorless. Happiness is a gift. Enjoy it while it’s here.

-Pillow Thoughts II, Courtney Peppernell


Let us together try to recall the last time we felt ‘fearlessly happy’. Try to go a little deeper… take your time…

 Did you find any moment? Yes? Take a moment to realize there is something attached to it that makes you feel vulnerable, isn’t it?

 If no, okay…  now that’s the thing about happiness, it brings scraps of fear along… 

And if your answer is ‘may be’, let us together find it out… happy reading!! 


As a child, the toy you bought from the fair made you happy but the fear that it could be broken, made you handle it with care all along. As a student, the grade that made you happy, the fear of losing that position made you sacrifice even sleep. As a young adult, the family that gave you a feeling of home, the fear of lacking somewhere made you cater the responsibilities better. And finally, as a greybeard one, seeing your family prosper in every term gave you happiness but the fear that you may miss out in delivering them the precious lessons of life, made you go beyond every limitation.


So, you see, that is the thing about happiness, it brings the scrap of fears along, however, as we figured it out above, the amusing part is, those fears make us adore it better. But what poses a problem here is, the part of fear, in spite of being just a part, takes up space as a whole and keeps us from cherishing the happiness for which we have worked so very hard. In a nutshell, ‘In giving life to the dead fears we kill the live happiness.’


We need to let this sink in, ‘fearing the absence of happiness, does not let the absence happen any later, to the contrary it also steals the happiness which is right in front of us.’


‘Having fear makes us revere that moment in all odds but, having only fear makes us devalue it completely.’


So, what is the way out? 

‘What is meant to be, finds its way, and what is not, finds an escape!’ This will keep us at peace, no matter what the situation is. After all, no matter how much logic we try to solve life with, it won’t be solved, because it is not a puzzle to be solved but a fair to be enjoyed and adored. While enjoying those comical rides, we might lose some points, but let us not forget, it ultimately adds on to our value of experience. 


I don’t hereby wish to say that losses are easy to deal with. All I wish to deliver is, losses can only be survived if taken as gains in the value of life. 

And as Mr. Mohammad Raffi puts it, “जो मिल गया उसीको मुककदर समाज लिया, जो खो गया में उसको भुलाता चला गया। (What I received is all what I think I was to receive, and whatever I lost, I kept on leaving it).”


As Panda in kung fu, because of situations, we feel  disheartened, think to quit and make noodles or do mindless scrolling, but as Oogway (the wise turtle) we will never be short of these insightful writings to remind us, that Today, is called present because it is a gift and in order to cherish it completely, we have got no other choice but to ‘enjoy droplets of water when it’s raining, instead of getting depressed by the thought of mud.’


In Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara, how succinct Laila was, when she explained to Arjun, to not to have an imaginative Fairy Tale notion for future, rather ‘Seize the moment.’ Because all we have is now and whatever happiness or sadness, furiousness or calmness, we feel, it is something that makes the moment unique. But in spite of enjoying the moment, if we keep on watering the grass of another end, we will feel that it is greener, but there is a reason why it is on the other end, right?


There is an apt saying in hindi which goes this way,

आज वही कल है जिस कल की फिक्र तुम्हे कल थी।

(Today is the Tomorrow you feared about yesterday.)


And I see you smiling and revering the idea of ‘What is’ rather than ‘what will be’ and believe you me, you are going to have a crazy week ahead, toodles, until we meet again!

Happy Present moment to you!