“You’ll need coffee shops and sunset and road trips. Airplanes and passports and new songs and old songs, but people more than anything else. You will need other people and you will need to be that other person to someone else, a living breathing, screaming invitation to believe in better things.”
– Jamie Tworkowski, If You Feel Too Much: Thoughts on Things Found and Lost and Hoped for.

Sometimes, I wonder how beautiful it would have been if every individual would have got their own place to call it their Universe! No interaction, no dealing with any other Human, which succinctly reflects, no sacrifices, no compromises, only free flow of Pleasure…! Just imagination of this notion, and I already see you giggling…. the question is, will that even be interesting? Humans, being the most evolved species on the earth, always craving for a ‘happening life’, will he be able to survive? Aren’t humans and the connections with them, the invisible and invincible catalyst in our lives?

Hang in there. Pause for a moment. Observe the breath you just took, that is something, which along with keeping you alive also makes you feel connected to everyone around. Amazing, isn’t it?

How much to-the-point, Muniba Mazari, the iron lady of Pakistan was, when she said, ’Don’t think, you alone can achieve things, no you can’t, on the road to success, it is always We.’ Little did we know, it is not just about celebrating the victory but about companionship in struggles, that makes a victory, actually a victory. And it is a soulful connection that makes you smile and continue through the path of hurdles and make it towards victory.

Author points out, yes, you would need coffee shops…but you would also need someone serving you the beverage, with a smiley face, to give your day a fresh start. You would need sunsets, but along with sunsets someone who makes you feel that every ending is nothing but a new beginning… Undoubtedly, you would need foreign trips to reboot, but you would crave for someone who gives you a familiar touch even on foreign land. Wait, it doesn’t end here, you will also have to be that smiley face, that holding hand and the familiar touch for someone too! Because, it is not just satiation of hunger and thirst that keeps us, the living beings, alive, but satiation of the feeling to be heard, understood and loved and be the listening ear, understanding heart and loving soul for someone else, that is what along with keeping us alive, gifts us the superpower to embellish our lives.

Let us not forget, every organ of our body, individually is dead, but when merged and connected together, completes a fully functioning life system. And probably, the same is the case with our life. No matter how much Apparent happy we seem, it is having a soulful connection that Actually makes us Happy and complete! Because, after all, it is connection that satiates our primary urge to ‘belong’.

Some of us find ourselves strangely connected to dogs, cats and some to plants, flowers… Simply because they give us a feeling of home, we have realized lately, sometimes, home is neither a place nor person but just a bond. Something that resonates with our soul, gives us a reason to shine and grind.
And as Dr. Jahangir says in the movie Dear Zindagi, we have multiple Special relations, but something that is similar in all of them is how those relations make us feel familiar in their own respective unique ways! They are like streetlights for a loner, in the dark starry night.

When the big panda asked the tiny dragon, what is more important, journey or destination, I guess, it wouldn’t be difficult for you to claim the right answer now… yes, the tiny dragon undoubtedly replied, ‘company!’

If I am to summarize everything with the help of a simple anecdote, I would probably say, Life and soulful connections comprising life, are like music and lyrics…both of them can make meaning individually but when they are blended together, the rest becomes history.