They ask me why I do not like to be social? Why do I keep a particular distance with
people? Why am I independent in such a way that I can never be dependent on others?
People say life is all about the consequences of choices that you make I say life is all
about the consequences of what has happened in your life with or without your

Seema was 4 when her mom put her into a nursery. She was pretty happy to make New
friends. She was the teacher’s pet. Everybody loved her. But she received a special
kind of love from Mukesh uncle, the peon. His touches did make her feel weird, but he
traded her feelings with a bar of chocolate. She turned out to be asexual. Her body
parts just shut itself. It's a common case from people suffering from sexual assault once
a doctor said.
Rohini was 7 when she went to her neighbour's house To play with Aman Bhaiya. She
took her toys thinking he really wanted to play with her instead there he Pushed her at
the wall and started kissing her forcibly. When she asked him what was he doing he
said he was role-playing of that of a husband. Luckily he heard someone coming in and
as soon as he looked back she ran away. Never did she go back to that house. Never
did she play anymore. She turned out to be a loner, disturbed and depressed.
Malhar was 9 when his teacher who taught about good touch and bad touch touched
him abruptly. He didn’t like going to school. He became angry, stubborn and Arrogant.
He turned out to be a molester.
Rahul was 12 when his PT teacher punished him for giving a love letter. The
punishment was to give blowjob to the teacher’s satisfaction. He had to go through
several treatments. There was a time where he even got scared at the sight of his own
You may ask how do I know this? Oh well, did I forget to tell you that I am a writer I live
through the lives of others?
I might not be Seema, Rohini, Malhar or Rahul, but I have felt their pain and I felt the
helpless in the face of others actions and of what they are today.
I keep away from people because unlike them, I don’t want to be Destroyed, obliterated,
desecrated, annihilated, demolished, shattered and demoralized.

-Pooja Pariath