Underneath the sky you realize how free you can be, how liberating it is. It’s the nature that makes you feel how small are your problems. Sometimes damages can be mitigated by the power of the nature. To free yourself from fears, to free yourself from your demons in mind. sometimes you need to liberate yourself to learn to let go something, to learn to accept the things the way they are. It’s hard to accept when it is not what you want but still you need to push. You need to give one more try because you want nothing but the best. It is a war between your mind and heart both trying to be brave, sometimes with some failures sometimes with the success. Failures destroy but you need to learn to get up. You need to learn to fight back. you need to become the best version of you. Be any circumstances, you need to learn to be best. Circumstances can be any; be it love, career or any other stress, factor that is pulling you back you need to learn, to have that courage that nothing should make you give up because if you give up that’s when it is called failure. Break down. Cry. Shout. But at the end of the day don’t give up. It maybe the excruciating pain for you but learn to have perspective. Learn! Everyone has their shit going. it mainly depends on how you deal with it. How you portray yourself, what to show, how much to show to the world. It is you who decide that the setbacks make you or break you. It is life that you sometimes don’t get what you expect. Feels bad?  Definitely. Who doesn’t feel bad. Again, try to have perspective. Try to accept your emotions. Face them. Don’t regret them. Fight them if not good for you.  We are humans.  We are made to learn from mistakes. We are allowed to make mistakes. Mistakes are what sometimes called lessons in life. Lessons are needed to bring a human back to the assigned path. No one knows what is that path? That is when destiny comes into picture. Everyone tries to follow the path; do the thing whichever they feel right at that very moment. Right or wrong according to destiny no one knows. If right, you are one step up a ladder and if wrong, that’s what lessons are for. 


But are we humans really designed this way?  Do they get this simple fact? No, humans are complicated species just as an old example goes for: ‘Human body is like machine.’ Machines are complicated so are we. Machines require maintenance to keep intact their efficiency. Likewise, why don’t we humans accept a simple fact that sometimes we also require some oiling, some maintenance to keep up our efficiency. Is It that hard to accept the fact that humans too need nurturing? If you are ready to take pain for the better working of machines, don’t we care enough to nurture human beings? At last they are the ones who need the most nurturing.


So, believe in love, spread love and happiness as much as possible. Be it in any form. Try to bring smiles on the faces. That is the easiest noble thing you can do. 

By Veena Yj

[email protected]