Living in today’s generation is much of style and fashion itself.  From a teenager to aged women, everyone would like to dress herself up to every possible occasions. They will surely spend money on that, but to gain what? Just to look good, to look glamorous, unique, stylish, ultra-modern? No, in my opinion every woman is blessed with the beautiful, unique features of hers and to enhance those features they would like to get styled up.

It is true that style and fashion do not define any person, but it could surely define one’s dressing sense. By trial and errors in style and fashion we could get to know our new trends, we could have every possible upcoming fashion to give it to the world. If we see our fashion industry it’s moving from a great zone to the best ultramodern world where every experience is encountered to get marvelous result in fashion and new looks. Every new trend starts with full of appreciation, people accept it insanely and ends with the replacement of brand new fashion.

It’s nice to match the steps with world and to follow our trends but I always get stuck when it comes to our society. Why don’t they get rid of every rigid mentality, stereotypes? Have you ever stood in front of your closet, worried about what you’re choosing to wear? Because you know that no matter what you pick, someone will have an opinion about it.

The kind of society we live in has pseudo-literals, so called pioneers of “भारतिय संस्कृति”. They have fixed templates to offer aliens like us – girls:

  • यह भारतिय संस्कृति के खिलाफ है |
  • लोग क्या कहेंगे?
  • जब लड़के छेड़ेंगे तो रोना मत फिर |
  • परिवार का नाम ख़राब करोगी |

Society & critics will be doing their job anyhow, they don’t even spare celebrities.  The example of this is issue that happened with INDIAN ACTRESS PRIYANKA CHOPRA. When she met our Hon’ Prime Minister Narendra Modi wearing short dress with uncovered legs, rather than appreciating her success and the stage that she has reached in her life, she was trolled for her outfit.

Therefore, I also have a strong answer to all these questions- “Fashion does not take care of people. No one is going to take care of me, except I am going to take care of myself.” Also, one line that I truly adore and love, which is written by ANGELA CARTER- A free woman in an unfree society will be a monster.

To conclude my article, I suggest that, there will be always misunderstood morals, there will be men who refer to you using derogatory terms, but, you must realize that they’re all quite pointless. To fight against all of these you must become headstrong, and stick to your own thought.  Don’t be misguided.  If you love your summer skirts and comfy shorts, you go ahead and wear them. Because it is high time that society gets comfortable with what you are wearing. The burden of “izzat” is on them now, not on you. Problem is not with “sari or shorts”, it’s irrelevant thought that one carries.

If you also agree with me than let me know with your comments below.

By Fulva Rathod

[email protected]