In our day to day life, we meet many people; skinny, chubby, tall, short, fair, dark, having a perfect figure, having a perfect lifestyle, and these all create a list of questions in our mind which distracts us from growing and make us depressed. Such unhealthy comparisons result in body complexion and reduce our self-esteem. The skinny one will find the chubby one cute, the short heighten will find the taller one lucky, and the list is endless. Why can’t we be happy in our own skin in the way it is gifted to us? Why being taller, thinner and fairer are the parameters of having a happy life? Why we let those things drive our self-esteem down? Why we always want to look better than others and only then we can be confident? And that’s also not being the confident sweetheart that’s about seeming to be confident. You don’t have to travel in others’ shoes to feel or increase your pride. Put on your own favorite heels and keep on walking, focus on being healthy and happy. To help you out, here are five Mantras of leading a positive life and boosting your self-confidence. It’s on you to shape yourself or to lose the only shape that you have. Hope these will help you.

The Mantras:

  • Respect Yourself: No matter if you have fair skin or dark skin, having the perfect figure or not, having the prettiest face or not, do not disrespect yourself in any way. By doing that, you are opening doors for others to treat you in the same manner. Don’t make yourself a victim of your own deeds. Higher up your thoughts, don’t let your mind wander in such petty things and lost its direction. You are made to create miracles by your work, not by your looks. Respect yourself and respect others and be self-reliant.
  • Feel Beautiful be Beautiful: Take time on yourself, it’s perfectly alright to take some extra minutes to look fabulous sometimes. Do pamper yourself on a regular note. Take time-to-time care of your body. Give a change to your look, try a new hairstyle! Fall in love with your outer beauty and feel your inner beauty. Don’t compare yourself with others, everyone is beautiful uniquely. Until you won’t feel good about yourself, no one will. So, chin up, feel your beauty and smile, you are done!
  • Don’t Compare Yourself: It’s good to have the spirit of winning, but in order to that, creating unnecessary competition is not just. Be passionate about whatever you do. In order to achieve something, don’t drag others down. Help them grow, grow together. Don’t compare yourself with others in any matters. Be contended with all that you are doing. That will give your mind inner peace and that will definitely reflect on your work positively.
  • Be a ‘Proud You’: If you aren’t good at singing, you would be good at dancing, if you are not a good cook, that’s not a crime, you would be good at appreciating the food, and not all can do that like you do! Find the quality in you and unleash that to the people around you. Be proud of even a small act of kindness done by you, and do it more often. But just don’t think that you are not capable of doing any damn thing, otherwise darling; humans wouldn’t have reached the moon! Be the proud version of yourself, help others and spread kindness.
  • Stay Positive: There would be problems, life will happen again and again but if you will get disparage, then that will suck you out. Have a look on the people around you, people who are homeless, jobless, people, who are fighting against deadly diseases and still putting on a smile, and then see yourself in the mirror, think; are you actually going through as much pain and worry and sorrow that they are facing? So, be positive and let positivity lead you. Eat good, do a workout, be fit physically, meet people, enjoy yourself and love yourself, you don’t need to do a thing more to feel positive.

For every problem that creates stress in your mind, the cause is you only and the answer is also you only. Most of our problems arise due to our expectations, but at least we can control it. You are your world. Only you can select what matters to you and only you can stop that. So instead of regret, feel thankful and show gratitude for all that you have and you are capable of doing, and you are on your way to living a positive and happy life. Be a Falstaffian of your life and spread happiness!

By Devanshee Dave

[email protected]