Summer is one of the seasons when people would love to go to  beaches ,hill stations  they find some cool places to chill out and to have relaxation , because  after all it is the season of holidays and therefore people would love to embrace different places . As we eagerly anticipate the season of fun and fashion , it’s time to prep our closets with some of summer’s coolest  fashion trends. If I stand in front of my  closet to choose summer outfits and to pack  them for my holidays   then definitely it would make me confused badly to get comfy ,lighter ,easy-breezy clothes to wear, because summer is all about sun and heat.

It’s time to take the style straight into the deep end of this season.  Whether it’s swapping out your go-to tote for a colorful new bag or rethinking your accessories when the temps soar.

Therefore, I have some few tips & advice to be shared, and some fab summer looks that one should definitely try! Also some summer necessity that one must recall before stepping out of the house.

1)Go lighter when it comes to fabrics.

Do not prefer fabrics that simply aren’t breathable, and will often hold on to sweat stains. To stay cool on steamy days, it’s best to seek out materials like cotton—pima or Supima is best, but any variety will do. Linen also is a solid summer material. Silk is a good choice for summer as well since it’s natural, breathable, and cooling. Always remember that ‘Breathability is key when the sun comes out to play!’

2)Embrace loose, flowy, white t-shirt dress or top.

Wearing white in summer is just perfect. Try a fashion-forward wearing white top or t-shirt dress with comfy shorts, palazzo pants. You can also add a little bit of pop-pop color on it and good to go. Well, white could be worn out with gold accessories too.

To glam it up to wear proper accessories on white lace top. Moreover, you can also wear flower printed shrugs on white plain top. Thus, white has multiple options to have when it comes to style and fashion.



3)Reinvent your clothes.

We’re huge proponents of utilizing the tailors of your city or town surely has, especially if you’re on the fence about whether to get rid of certain items. Skirt or dress can be made into a cute mini, pants can be turned into shorts, and long blazers into cute cropped jackets to wear over summer dresses. Bring an old T-shirt and tank top you don’t wear anymore to your tailor and have he or she hem it to show a sliver of skin. The result: an easy-breezy crop that’s not too tight, too trendy, or too revealing—and can be worn comfortably all summer!


4)Protect your eyes from sun’s UV rays :

 Well-made sunglasses do more than make you look like a movie star. They can protect your eyes from many problems, including those caused by the sun’s harmful rays. They can make it easier to adapt to darkness. Exposure to bright light can make it more difficult to adjust to driving at night.

Whether it’s round, cat-eye, oversize, or aviator, try a sunglass shape for summer.


5)  Keep your actual makeup from melting.

Minimalistic makeup always works for summer. Sunscreens cream is the best beauty product for summer. Even if the heat is not too much you must apply sunscreens cream on your body to stay away from the tanning problem. Sunrays burn the first layer of our skin if you stay under the sun within 5 to  6 minutes. For summer makeup use all matte products like foundation, nude lipstick etc. Try this trick: Freeze a Zip-Loc freezer bag overnight, and before you leave for work, toss in the cosmetics you normally take for the day (a lipstick, a foundation, etc.) While it’s not a long-term fix, it will keep your products cool until you get to work, or whichever air-conditioned place you’re headed.


“Summer’s the perfect time to find a new pair of sandals. I like slide sandals for their comfort & ease just like flip flops. Metallic and textured straps add so much more style to your step and take any summer outfit to the next level. It’s not the most pleasant of facts, but our feet swell during the summer. That’s why it’s key—when shopping for new shoes this time of year, to buy shoes a bit larger than you would in winter.

Natural materials like leather, canvas, and suede will definitely stretch, so going up half a size should be fine. For inexpensive trendy shoes made from faux leather, plastic, or any other man-made material, go a full size up.


I am totally embracing this summer season using above tips, advice and flaunting style as well.What summer fashion are you going to try? Tell me in the comments!

By Fulva Rathod

[email protected]