In the last one hundred years, ladies have made enormous advances in numerous features of life. Of that, there can be little uncertainty. Ladies may now hold occupations, claim property and take an interest in athletics. Today ladies can contend in sports, once a remnant of male mastery; there is presently space for ladies in that field. They made India proud. It’s the girl power that made everyone proud.

The girl’s game, that’s what Rio Olympics 2016 was all about. India sent the nation’s largest-ever delegation of 117 athletes which is 34 larger than their previous record. For the nation, which is male-dominated, where everyone has their hopes on the men, it was actually the women who stood out and won. Where everyone’s a diehard fan of cricket it takes something and someone really special to grab whole nation’s attention. The women’s true winning spirit made all hearts cheer for them.

People were stuck to the TV’s, crossing their fingers, praying for Sindhu’s win. P.V. Sindhu with her ‘never give up’ attitude won a silver medal in badminton single. Besides Sindhu, also others like Sakshi Malik and Dipa Karmakar took India to glory. It was Sakshi Malik who actually brought India, its very first medal. She won her bronze medal in Olympic wrestling. Dipa Karmakar’s victory is also not something to be taken for granted. She became the first ever Indian female gymnast to compete in Olympics. Our Honourable Prime minister Narendra Modi showered all these girls with praises. He said, “This is the true power of our daughters.” As a token of appreciation each girl was rewarded with cash and several other incentives, which they totally were worthy of. Talking about recent events, Mithali Raj, Captain of Indian Women Cricket Team made everyone fall in love with Women Cricket! All the cricket fans who just thought cricket is Man’s game waited to watch her guidance and team effort. Not just sports talking about other fields also women have raised the levels high and told us all that never compromise with yourself because you can achieve more than what the men are thinking!

It’s not about fighting anymore, it’s about proving yourself! Let your actions define your power and they will be no equality fights! After the Asian Games tremendous performance everyone started to believe in the saying “Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao.” Encourage your daughter, she’ll make you proud. Believe in your daughter and she’ll never let you down.

Nikita Baid

[email protected]