So, as my bus was heading towards its destination this morning, I saw a man running from afar towards the bus stop. He was running, with all his might, all the speed he could muster. The bag hanging from his shoulder was moving with him. I unconsciously smiled, for so many times I had run behind buses like that. And this almost left me thinking…
In my life that I’ve lived till now, I’d always thought that love would come naturally to me. And I guess it wasn’t a great expectation because as they say, you receive the love that you give back, isn’t it? I’ve always chased love like the man was trying to chase the bus.
In all these years, whenever I saw love approaching me, I made a run for it, without paying heed to people’s warnings that said- if your love is true, it’ll wait for you. But no, after being bereft of love for so many years and being so used to giving it, I’d always thought that there is no harm in chasing love. After all, a little effort won’t hurt, right? So, I ran and ran with all my might, thinking that this time maybe, it’ll wait for me and I’ll get the bus.
But like every time, as soon as I was about to reach the bus stop, the bus would have already left and I’d be left on the stop, merely a few steps away.
I still do that. Running behind buses. But behind love, no. I’ve decided I’m not going to run behind love anymore. If it’s meant for me, it’ll come to me, eventually.
Now I know that the love of my life won’t be a bus that I’ve to run behind, but a cab, that’ll come and wait for me.