Soon India is going to celebrate the biggest festival ‘the Dance of Democracy 2019’. All the representatives of the states are going to stand on the starting point of the race to achieve the ‘seat’ to serve in this Lok Sabha Elections. National Political Parties will attempt their best in choosing the most accurate representative from the people who will represent their party at the forefront. The one who will run faster than the rest and cut the ribbon will hold the trophy of India’s fortune high in the sky.

Yesterday, I asked my little brother about whom he is going to vote for, since this will be his first time casting a vote? He said that he will give his vote to the one who will give him ‘achhi naukri’.

According to a report, the total electorate in the county is approximately 900 million compared to 814.5 million in 2014. This marks an increase of more than 84 million electors. Over 15 million electors are in the age group 18-19 years and they constitute 1.66% of total electorate. It is not just numbers that are significant but the characteristics of the young voters that matters. The behavior of first time voters is also different. They are often better informed, more educated and tech – savvy than the rest of the family. They hold an opinion which is different or could be against the family’s established political leanings. Youth challenges the status quo of the country. They can also have an impact on elections by acting as opinion makers and influencers in their circle of family and friends. As this 2019 Lok Sabha elections are closer, this humongous voter base will play a crucial role in deciding the fortunes of political parties.

Shortly, India is going to witness the greatest show on earth. As India is the world’s largest Democracy, it has nearly as many as first time voters as the entire population of the Netherlands. Frankly, it is awesome, and we should never ever take this for granted. Our Democracy is the biggest and the most vibrant as compared to anywhere else in the world. The only thing predictable about Indian Elections is that they are unpredictable. The Election Commission of India, this time, is using ten first things for the conduct of Elections to the 17th Lok Sabha in a free, fair, credible and in peaceful manner. Also, there are certain code of conduct which every party need to follow in this elections.

There will be 10.4 lakh polling stations, 23.3 lakh EVMs (Electronic Voting Machine), VVPATs (Voters Verifiable Paper Audit Trail) to print out details of the cast vote, all EVMs to sport ballot labels, apart from symbol and candidates name in Braille for people with visual impairment or blind, social media firms to cooperate with Election Commission so that it can track political campaigns on their platforms and GPS tracking of each EVM along with flying squads.

Also, there will be an option called NOTA (None of the Above) in which a person who feels that none candidate deserves his or her vote and they are not happy with the candidate, can go for this option. NOTA is an option available but people should be smart enough to not let their personal grudges for a party or candidate come in because at the end we need someone to represent us and govern the country.  Vote according to a candidate not according to the party of the face of the party. You need an educated leader, not bhakts. 

All these things have been put forth so that there will be more transparency and Vigilance in conducting the Elections. Also, cheap smartphones and 4G connectivity are likely to change the way election campaigns are conducted.

When you Google for the definition of ‘why elections in democracy’, it says that ‘during elections, people are essentially voting for the laws that they like, and they believe would most benefit them and their country’, as it is mentioned, we choose representative whom we believe that he or she would be that much responsible who will work or serve people and make laws which benefits the whole country. So, you must be thinking that ‘mere akele ke vote dene se kya hoga’? Let me correct you, when millions of people give vote in elections (Lok Sabha) only ‘one’ man/woman has been given the responsibility to lead the country and become the Prime Minister of a country. And he or she is supported by the mammoth of people to run the country to the reach newer heights of development.

As rightly said by Abraham Lincoln ‘Government for the people, of the people and by the people, shall not perish from the earth’. Remember that your vote is your Right and your Right is your responsibility and power, which should not be ignored. In this coming elections, let’s pledge to choose a representative who will take our country to newer heights, who will bridge the gap between the rich and the poor, who will work towards a better standard of living, who will work towards equality of all kind, and towards building a nation where one person shall get confused in choosing one ‘achhi naukri’ from thousands of ‘naukris’, where each and every person  is literate and educated, if possible, where a girl will not fear roaming around in her own country, where even a small farmer will send his children to cities to fulfill his or her dreams without any hesitation of not having money. Let’s rise and help in building a nation of our dreams by voting in this Elections because it is not possible for a single person, but we all have to sow seeds so that we can later on sit under the shade of the biggest tree.

Jai Hind!

Source : Election Commission Report

-Sagufta Sheikh