The lines above inspired me to write down this story:          

It’s not a story of the past, it’s not a story about who we are. It’s a story of the truth, the truth that we all fail to realize.

In a city of work, money, and hush it becomes a rare scene of love and responsibilities. There lived a couple with an 80-year-old-aged mother. Her age brought her the problems and has made her helpless as well as dependent. With a loss of her senses, she hardly knew about her routine activities. The son made big in this competitive world so he could afford and offer a luxurious life to his mother and wife. The caretakers and doctors were always at the service of the mother. The couple kept so busy that they forgot to take care of the old lady.

One fine day, the wife said to the husband, “It’s better we drop Maa at old age home as they will take care of her more than we do.” Well truly said because at least old-age home will consider and value her. Husband agreed to the wife and enquired about old age homes around.

Time has come when the husband went to drop the mother to old age home. While he was booking a special room for her mother and making sure of all the necessary requirements, he gets a call from his wife. Strangely when he was talking on a call, he noticed that his mother was having a friendly conversation with the manager. The conversation portrayed that the manager and the old lady knew each other for years.

Putting the call to end, he went back to his mother and out of curiosity asked the manager what was the mother telling him. Manager ignored and shows the room to the old lady and son. After the lady enters the room, the manager says to the son, “We were talking enthusiastically and friendly as we know each other from times. The old lady and her husband have visited the place 25-30 years back to adopt you.” Manager stresses the word ‘adopt’. “You are their adopted child.” He continues. The husband is shocked and didn’t know how to react. He stands numb and speechless. His pain couldn’t be expressed and he left the place in shock. All the way long he kept wondering how her mother’s love was so selfless and how much she has sacrificed to bring him up. He was lost and couldn’t digest in that she wasn’t her real mother.

There is saying ‘what you sow is what you reap’. The husband’s wife died soon and he was struck with paralysis. There was nobody to stand up for him and help him. This news went to the old mother through the manager in the old age home which left the mother sad and disappointed. She immediately asked for leave and rushed to the hospital with the manager. She was terrified and had tears in her eyes seeing her son’s condition. The son was lying on a bed with saliva coming out from his mouth and eyes explaining his grief. He saw his mother and just could feel the guilt of all the actions he did.

The manager was shocked to see the mother getting so affected and asked her, “when he couldn’t take care of you in these years why are you feeling heartful about him?”

She emotionally replied,It can happen that the son forgets his responsibility, but a mother never forgets her responsibility.”

Jahnvi Gor

[email protected]