Dear Dream Girl,

I know you might be thinking were did I go. 6 weeks and I haven’t come back writing to you. This had really been the toughest time till now. After the Diwali break things changed all over. I revealed my identity in school in front of Ms. Sharma. I decided not to write.

Yes, dream girl, I had stopped writing. I felt maybe, one day dad would come and ask me to continue with my dream. But as they say ‘Dreams Do Not Work Unless You Do’. I decided not to give up. I was waiting in the past 3 weeks for dad to talk to me. After the Diwali night I never heard him saying anything to me. Even when I scored 78% in my exams he didn’t say anything. I was really confused with his reactions. I kept figuring out what exactly he wanted to convey? Until yesterday when he visited my school for parents meeting. I thought he would not come for it, but, he did.

After the meeting when he came home he came to my room and asked:

“Can we talk?”

“Yes, of course Dad, there is no need to ask for it”. I felt addled seeing him.

How are your studies going?” He asked in a mellow tone.

Going great Dad, practicing for my next week’s test.”

“Hmm… your teachers told me about it”.

I could make out sadness in his voice dream girl, he had so much to say. It seemed as if he was struggling to say something to me.

Then he asked, “What about your writing thing? How is it going?”

“I have stopped writing dad.”

“Why?” he asked with a concern.

“Nothing I just thought to concentrate on my studies more and make you proud by scoring high.”

“No, no… You shouldn’t do that dear. I know I have always been against your writing, but today I realized how wrong I was.”

“What do you mean dad?” I asked being curious

“Today when I went to your school after meeting all your teachers I was coming back to home. Just when I heard a few people saying, ‘Did you find any article by Nandini in the latest edition? Don’t know why her articles are no longer visible.’ For once I thought that they might be just a few people who are waiting for your article, but then I met many people asking me why aren’t you writing? And honestly speaking my love, I had no answer to it. So, tell me, what made you quit writing? Is it because of me?”

“No dad, it’s not that I just didn’t want to hurt you anymore. I thought you didn’t want me to write, so I stopped it. Also, I don’t know that will I be able to become a writer?”

“Look Nandini, never run away from your fears. You never know what’s waiting for you on the other side. You might fail but not for always, all you need to do is learn from your mistakes. You need to fight back. And never ever leave your dreams. Have you heard of this quote? “GO After Your Dreams, No Matter How Unattainable Others Think It Is.”

“Yes Dad…”

“So, no need to stop trying to achieve the dream you saw.”

For once dream girl I really couldn’t believe that I was talking to my dad only. We never had such a conversation, I felt free like a bird talking to him for the first time. My mind was not ready to accept the things and my instinct gave me a sign that there is something more to it.

“Dad what made you change your mind? I know that you are there is something you are hiding. We can talk about it if you want.”

“Oh, look at you! My little girl has grown up so fast and acts like her mother now. It’s nothing like that Nandu, it’s just that looking at you today reminds me of my childhood. I too wanted to be a ‘WRITER’”.

“What? So, this means I have got this from you, this passion and love for writing is because of you. But dad why did you not become a writer then?

“Because of your Grandpa dear, he felt that writers are ECCENTRIC. Writing is just a HOBBY it can’t be a profession. So, I decided to quit, and when you said me that you wanted to be a writer in the beginning I too became like my dad. But today I realized that I was wrong. I shouldn’t do the same with you. You should fulfill your dreams. OK! It’s too late now, you should sleep now and don’t forget to write a new article and do show me first maybe I can help you in it.”

“Thank You Dad!! I feel so free today. I’ll surely come to you after writing my next article.”

Dream Girl today I wrote my new article and I am very excited to share it with dad and with Priyali too who supported me all the way.

Not to forget- Thank you Dream Girl for always being there with me. I’ll always keep writing to you about the new changes in life and I hope I get succeeded in life.


By Bhavisha Makhijani

[email protected]