Do you know in ancient time entire Asia was known as Jambu dweepa? Jambu Dweepa had rich medical traditions, full of mysterious but scientific inventions. Rarely people know about it and seldom people do efforts to preserve our rich heritage. Dr. Vinod Purani, a Sanskrit pundit, a former Sanskrit lecturer & doyen of Indian culture has spent a major part of his life for the preservation of old, original manuscripts.

Vinod Purani has made a life mission of preserving our rich tradition. He has collected gems of our traditional, age-old literature. His institute Bhartiya Tatvagyan Mandir is a treasure of such gems. You can find original manuscripts for around 250 years, like “Nalcharitra” & 400 years old Pushtimargiya kirtanas. Tarksangrah Deepika Teeka, poet Jagannath’s Gangalehri, Saraswat vyakarana and many, the list is endless. Around 400 manuscripts, books, pothis are well preserved by him. Not only old manuscripts but old, rare magazines & books are also part of his treasure.

And this is not just one activity for this Sanskrit doyen, he regularly conducts Sanskrit language teaching sessions. He has made a photographic exhibition on heritage & culture of Modasa. He has guided Ph.D. students, researching on various Sanskrit scriptures.

After a long, tiresome journey in an old house, Bhartiya Tatvagyan Mandir has shifted today to a new building on Modasa bypass road. In this new premises, Dr. Purani intends to continue Sanskrit research activity including manuscriptology training & Vedanta teachings, management teachings on the basis of Bhagvat Geeta, translation of these important manuscripts in English. Dr. Purani feels indebted to society & well-wishers who have contributed to fulfilling his dream.

If you are an Indian, interested in your rich knowledge treasure, a visit to Modasa & meeting with Dr. Purani is must for you. Don’t wait, pack the bags, get your kids, friends with you & visit the man who is an institute incarnation.

By Dr. Shirish Kashikar

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