What is love? What is the best part to fall in love with someone? Love is an immense pleasure, that has the power to heal you up. To be in love with someone is one of the best feelings anyone can ever havYe. Human beings feel the need to be surrounded with positive energy. Love is the feeling of contentment. When that contentment is not there. Everything goes downhill. Vivek and Vanya believed in the feeling of contentment.

Vivek Asthana who belongs to highly educated and business class family, has done his graduation from Pune in Accounting and Finance. His father has a large-scale business of manufacturing clothes in Surat. So, after graduation Vivek joined his father in growing business by leaps and bounds.  Vivek’s belongs to a modern-age nuclear family and has younger sibling Shruti Asthana. Vanya Mathur, a stubborn middle-class girl always loved attention. She is beauty with brains and belongs to an orthodox family. Vanya’s confides in her outer world but hates her family. She is passionate to move around for her career and lands up in Pune.

Vivek and Vanya met in Symbiosis Pune. Vanya was junior to Vivek. Vivek and Vanya both were talented and used to work on lot of projects together. Vanya loved attention but Vivek being a talented the attention she wanted was getting distributed. She couldn’t take it. She hated Vivek for a petty reason. But as the time passed, they started falling for each other. Now, the attention she needed she was getting from Vivek. She was feeling the contentment of love. But the grass is always greener on other side. Soon, they got in a relationship, it was the final year of graduation for Vivek. They hardly got time to spend. They both were dedicated to their works. But they still kept fighting through. The change was affecting Vanya more than Vivek. She was not getting to be the center of attraction in Vivek’s life. She felt she has been replaced.

After a year Vivek shifted to Surat and Vanya shifted to Ahmedabad. Vanya has always been a free-bird. The job was also paying well so she started having lavish lifestyle. Her parents also enjoyed and never bothered her much as they used to. But she lacked at handling emotions. She would run away from home for 2-3 days if little bit goes downhill. This time her father has asked Vanya to let go off her lifestyle else he will ground her and marry her off to someone. Vanya disappeared for 4-5 and her family doesn’t know anything about her.

Vivek and Vanya made a plan to meet as long-distance relationship is not working out between them. Vanya was complaining about attention and time which Vivek used to give her. Vivek kept busy due to his work commitments, so he is not able to give time to Vanya. Vivek also arranged a meeting with a client in Ahmedabad so he gets a reason to see Vanya. Vivek really loved Vanya. Vivek and Vanya decided to stay in a hotel for a day as they were meeting after six long months. Vanya stayed out of her house and didn’t tell her family about her whereabouts. Vanya was very excited she thought she will get treatment what she wanted from Vivek. Vivek brought chocolates, clothes and accessories as gifts also for Vanya but he didn’t bring something which fascinates Vanya.

Vanya kept on talking about her life to Vivek and venting out her frustration. Vivek came after a long day and he dozed off between the conversation. Vanya got a shock. She is used to attention, she realized a side of her that she didn’t even know. She could not hold how she was being treated by Vivek. She couldn’t think rational. The minute he slept she decided he is not meant for her. She didn’t even respect his feelings and all she wanted was materialistic things.

She felt that she is being treated as trash bag by Vivek. She got so furious that she murdered him through knife. After couple of moments she realized how big a mistake she has committed. She realized how her needs and lifestyle has affected her psychologically. She soon realized Vivek loved her like nobody did and Vivek was actually her priced possession. She became so obsessed for her love that she couldn’t handle being treated like shit by Vivek. She realized her obsession has made a murderer. She quickly gets up and run away from the hotel room and after a week while police were investigating the whole case, they come to know that Vanya has committed suicide by jumping from 8th floor of a building. Her family got to know about her obsession her traits after 10 months. The sheer obsession of love benefitted no-one but hurt everyone.

Ruchika Agarwal

[email protected]