In this chapter of “The Trailblazers – Innovate to impact” series, we at MyToolBag present to you the journey of Shikha a young entrepreneur, who with her team, is building a leading company of its kind that is revolutionizing the materials used in textiles ranging from carpets to clothes. The pressure of climate change is real! And you might be surprised that textiles- which I and you use almost every day in the form of pillows to bags are one of the leading polluters. If we were to fight the climate crisis, this trillion-dollar industry can’t ignore its need to change its basics. Otherwise, imagine how can we sustain when a pair of your jeans and shirt takes more than 10000litres to make. How can we sustain when the Polyester based clothing release more than 1900 pieces of micro-plastics with every wash? How can we sustain when Cotton uses more than 24% of the world’s pesticides? We need to change the core material- like how oil and gas are shifting to ‘alternative’ fuel with solutions like solar energy, electric cars, etc. textile needs alternative materials. Where do you think we would find the source of it. These two young entrepreneurs and founders of Fibre Labs have found the answers in agri-waste. They convert agri-waste into textile fibers that are environmentally sustainable saving thousands of litres of water, using no pesticides, etc.; socially inclusive creating additional income for farmers and better than what we wear in terms of anti-bacterial properties, anti UV properties etc. They have their first factory in place with 330 tonnes capacity a year and their plan to scale it up in the next three years is in line with their global supply chain developments. The fibres they make are 40% more affordable that their counterparts than ever. The fibres can be perfectly blended with cotton, polyester etc. and can be converted to gamut of textile applications with no change in machineries. For pulling in strings if goodness and profitability together in a startup, the you leadership has received honours globally like the youngest to receive Women Transforming Award from the Vice President on behalf of the United Nations and Niti Ayog. TEDx speaker, Rajeev Circle Fellowship, Silicon Valley, Tie50 Award Silicon Valley, Atal Innovation Medal from the Governor on behalf of Gujarat University etc. We present to you some interesting conversation about how this company has transformed from a college project of non-engineers to a leading company in cannabis industry of India. Listen from the founder herself on breaking barriers and building worth company.