In this chapter of the “Trailblazers – Innovate to Impact” series, we at the MyToolBag are pleased to present the journey of a serial-entrepreneur, the trailblazer, Raghavendra Tripathi the Founding Director & Innovator of Wind-for-All PowerTech LLP, a DIPP certified first StartUp till-date into Windmill Manufacturing, having Internationally-Published-Patent. Even-with the electrical-engineer background and the decade of exposure to hard-code programming & digitalization, it took another half-a-decade for Mr. Tripathi to finally productize & commercialize rather a complex & challenge intangible idea – of an All-Wind & All-Whether Electrically Self-reliant Macro-Windmills, a first-in-class & never-before inventions good-enough to ‘reinvent & revolutionize the century-old untouched windmill technology’. Considering, the electricity-dependent population’s exponential-growth AND the scarcity-of-land that is pushing us explore the uncharted territories even-with little or no electricity, it will only be prudent to except that the conventional-power even-with all-its ill-environmental consequence will not be capable of empowering all of us, in the very near-times. So only a standalone off-grid renewable-windmill with ‘little foot-print on ground’, electrically-self-reliance & all-wind capabilities / omnipresence from the Wind-for-All makes a deep social & commercial impact, that is well recognized by the Bombay-Stock-Exchange (along with Climate-Launchpad & IIGP/ IIM-A) and hence awarded as the Top-10 Ventures in India. With the aggressive assurance & support from various government organizations, the Wind-for-All is growing financially with content of serving the needy last-mile-user and the mother-earth, in its own little capacity. Being indigenously Made-in-India, the cost of these 10 & 20 KW windmills are at par with the solar with distinct advantage of ‘saving the precious land’, ‘no day-to-day cleaning’, ‘faster return on investment’ and ‘prolonged power for your Disaster-Management-System’.