In this chapter of “The Trailblazers – Innovate to impact” series, we at MyToolBag present to you the journey of a young trailblazer, Hitarth Mehta. Hitarth, a young, energetic and an undergraduate student who has developed a unique way to dispose of sanitary pads. “San Burn”. With his keen observation on menstrual waste & hygiene evolved “San Burn”. San Burn is a Fully Automatic Sanitary Napkin with Power Saver technology, which scientifically disposes of used sanitary napkins and converts it into a sterile ash. Hitarth has filled patent and published in 2016. San Burn is a Family Startup, it itself is unique. San Burn team is followed by Hitarth’s younger brother (Archan), wife (Disha) & Father – a mentor (Daxesh) With the traditional practices of discarding used sanitary napkins in open spaces, packed in plastic bags and in toilet flush are wasting and polluting gallons of water, increasing plastic waste and environmental & health problems. San Burn is a unique solution to save water, plastic, environment, and health. San Burn has left a strong footprint in the market by putting 130+ units across Gujarat and having 8+ National & Regional awards in the bucket till now.