In the very first chapter of “The Trailblazers – Innovate to impact” we, the MyToolBag team present you the journey of a young trailblazer, Yash Bhatt who went against the religious odds, applied his knowledge to innovate and to have an impact onto the society. As the rate of contamination of water is increasing day by day, it has become hard for both the human race and other living beings to sustain. A large amount of untreated sewage is received by the water bodies every day. Figures show that the flower waste generated comprises 15% of the total water waste. The threat comes not only from the flowers rotting in the river but also the pesticides that are used on them, which affect marine life. By upcycling of the flowers used to offer god, Yash Bhatt and Arjun Thakkar started – off with an initiative named ‘Brook and Blooms ‘ to not only clean the water bodies but also to make natural fertilizer and incense Sticks/Agarbatti out of the upcycled flowers. With a goal in mind, the team of Yash and Arjun visit different temples in the Ahmedabad city gathering flowers offered to the god, which otherwise are dumped into water bodies. By upcycling, the team has saved the water bodies from over 1.5 tonnes of flower waste till now. According to Yash ” Some sincere efforts towards reducing pollution can promise clean water resources for future generations with some extra benefits ” With an aspiration of becoming a trailblazer and defying the religious norms, these men discovered a tremendous way to curb water pollution.


Venue Partner – National Institute of Mass Communication and Journalism (NIMCJ), Ahmedabad.