The railway platform was full of commotion with hawkers, passengers, potters and trains. Platform no. 1 was awaiting its train number 11094 also known as MAHANAGARI EXP.  The train took a halt at Dadar at 1:43 pm.

Vasudha one of the passengers had fond memories of this city of Bombay. She was studying Management away from home in Bombay. The city of dreams had enchanted her too like many who come with dreams in their eyes and pace in their soul. Those college days, the fun, the friends group, projects and internship. But most wonderful was the moment spent with Pratyush. The most wonderful moments of your life were being in love.

But that was in past. As soon as her education completed she was immediately called back to Jabalpur. Her father was sick and as feared died within few days of her arrival home. She couldn’t keep in touch with many. In fact anyone! But right now the site of the station had stirred her memories of past.

While she was lost in thoughts and glancing at the platforms through the window seat someone sat opposite to her side. He vaguely looked familiar. “Could it be? It was! A little changed but it was him. It was Pratyush. Bit different more mature looking, put on a bit but fit enough.

By this time he saw her too. She could see in his eyes a lot of questions. He wanted to talk to her. Her heart was beating fast just like the running train about to break speed record. He on the other hand was too overwhelmed by this surprise. He wanted to ask a lot, say a lot and wondered if she still loved him? She had the same thoughts in her mind. But both were hesitating to say anything.

Suddenly the sound of the train’s engine was heard. Rushing people jostling each other barged in. The train started speeding up…

The conversation ended even before it could start. Vasudha and Pratyush couldn’t speak to each other. They kept starting through the Window seats. 

Their respective trains went in opposite directions.

Deepen Upadhyaya