I was sound asleep when I suddenly heard some muffled noises. My eyes immediately went to the window. The rain was lashing down the earth with an occasional show of lightning and thunder. Craning my neck a bit more, I saw the road filled with puddles making it difficult to walk on. I checked the time on my phone. It was 2:30 am.

My thoughts were disrupted by a sneeze, followed by some noises from the kitchen. I assumed it was another of Nanu’s midnight cravings when suddenly I heard Nani’s scream.

I immediately threw my blanket away and skipping stairs at a time, rushed towards the kitchen. And what I saw reaching there, made me both angry and smile at the same time.

Sitting on the dining table, Nanu and Nani were having an ice-cream tub. I walked and stood in front of them, hands folded across my chest. Nanu noticed me and made a face of a criminal who was caught. Nani, on the other hand, was enjoying her ice-cream without a care of the world.

“I was so scared, Nanu. Why did Nani scream? And why are you both so drenched?”

“I’m sorry my darling. We didn’t mean to scare you. You know how your Nani is. It was raining and given the pluviophile she is, she wanted to walk in the rain and get an ice-cream.”

“So? Did you go all the way to Naturals to get it? It’s so far Nanu.”

“Seems like. Ah! The things we do for love.” He said while Nani hit him playfully.

I smiled, looking at both of them. Even at the age of 80, they had the vigor and attitude of an 18-year-old. Nani would occasionally go and get herself balloons whenever she felt low and Nanu, though being a diabetic would sneak out and have his favorite dessert. And me, even at the age of 25, I felt so stressed that I’d forgotten the little joys of life. I remembered how much I’d loved rains, so much that whenever it used to rain, I would drop everything and go out to enjoy it. Today, it just irritated me because it slowed down the traffic and messed the roads. I felt envious of their ability to retain their inner child, even though they had health and other issues.

With these thoughts, I walked upto the door and they both quizzed – “Where to?”

“To my childhood.” I said and closed the door.

-Rashmeet Kaur