I’m back with another article but it is not based on any generation:no older generation or younger generation scenario. It is about the people living in this century.
Let’s go back in time, about 70 years ago where everything gets started. The changes getting started. We completed the second World War, India became independent along with many countries. We did get freedom from the British. We fought for it but still got it. But did we really get freedom??
Let’s check, technically we have been free for the past 70 years. We are celebrating independence Day since then.
From then, we have come a long way from radios to Bluetooth speakers, from the box TV to an LCD, from landlines to smartphones. We have progressed in numerous fields. Have launched satellites to other celestial objects in space. Have reached new heights in the most unexpected fields.
We have been independently gaining a huge amount of success in each and every field possible but are we really Independent? Are we really free?
If you see, a major part of each and every success is technology, gadgets. We have been surrounded by gadgets since their evolution. Each and every achievement of ours is connected with gadgets. At present, we are so attached to gadgets that we cannot live without it. Hey, you are reading this article from your phone or laptop or your computer and I am writing this article on my phone so you can see how much technology and gadgets have become a part of our lives.
Now you all must be thinking that you are operating your gadgets, using apps on your phones and computers but practically these gadgets are operating you. We are so involved with these gadgets that we are not even using our watches to see the time. Watch has just become a bracelet with an extra feature for a fashion statement. With these gadgets, we have become robots with a socializing characteristic. We are talking to people with these gadgets as if they are attached to our bodies. The landlines have become antiques which are being used as decorative pieces in our houses.
We may not be able to see these things and changes with our naked eyes(don’t tell me you have specs and your eyes are not naked but yes we gained independence people from the other country but have become slaves to the gadgets which are present in our own houses.
Yes we are not free until we get grip over ourselves and gain independence from these gadgets. I am not saying we have to throw these things out of our lives, hey we are working only with the help of these. But don’t make these gadgets an important part of your lives that these have become anchors of your lives. It might not be easy. It is way more difficult to get independence from these gadgets than from other human beings. But still, try.
Hope you liked it. Hope you get the point. Enjoy!
-P. Gayathri