Recently I received an anonymous letter asking me to write about what women want? If their silent treatment truly meant something. If their ‘FINE’ actually is a sign of some problem. If they can be real!


Well, to start with, I think I might be the zillionth person to write on this subject. Because there are thousands of articles and books talking about the complexities of women. There are ten thousand other write-ups talking about women being an unsolved mystery.

But I wonder why the assumption? Why not have a tête-à-tête with them? Why not be courteous enough to listen to what really they need?

The world is full of pretentious people. They sure do make you feel like they are listening to your words, emotions, your well being. But somehow they end up listening to only that part which might either benefit them or which they think can be used against you in long run. Being a women doesn’t mean being needy or manipulative as the world puts it up. 

Being a woman myself, I definitely understand that it is pretty difficult to make someone perceive things we want because we care about their feelings and emotions.

But there still is a list of things that women wish that people knew.

Here  are 10 things that women want:

1) She wants an Opportunity :An opportunity to not prove to the world, but to prove herself. Her biggest competitor is nobody but her. She is not apprehensive about the world, she fears her inner demons that would stop her from achieving things.

2) She wants Respect: She doesn’t want to demand honour, she believes in earning it. And not only in presence of people, but behind closed doors too.

3) She wants others to Trust her: She wants people to have faith in her when she says, she will or she can do something. She wants to experience this undying love and trust from people who mean the world to her.

4) She believes in equality: Not superior, nor inferior but equivalent. In different walks of life, she wants you to consider her even to be able to share responsibilities whether it is taking care of household chore or earning a livelihood for that matter.

5) She hates being Forced and judged:  Mirrors don’t judge, neither should you. So what if she is happy in her own skin? So what if she is petite XS or lively XXL? So what if she wears a red lipstick? Or if her bra strap is noticeable? So what if she wears a sleeveless blouse? Or if she wears a dress for office? So what if she dyes her hair? Just let her be. To work or not too, to cook or not too. Women despise being pushed up for any work.

6) She abhors infidelity: She doesn’t like compromising her self respect. Her dignity is the last thing that she wants you to tamper with. She might let go on a lot of things, but this is one thing that she wouldn’t want you to mess around with. Infidelity is the most dishonorable thing you can ever do to a woman.

7) She needs approbation: Women put a lot of effort into everything they do. A gesture of appreciation here and there is a big YES. She wants your Attention and Time. Wouldn’t you like it if someone appreciates your new hairstyle, or compliments you for the color or clothes you wear? Well, women like it too. She wants you to discern the slightest difference in her hair or glow on her skin.

8) Freedom of choice:  She hates being Less of a daughter and more of a daughter-law. She loathes asking permission to meet her own parents. Let her have the liberty to make her own decisions.

9) More understanding rather an expectation: All her life she has been under the umbra of the expectation of her family and society to do things in a specific fashion. So the least she requires from you is to give her extra weight of your want. Lift the veil of expectation from her and understand her.

10) She has mood swings while they menstruate: If you ever have an illness or you get injured, you take an off from work. But the same thing can’t happen in a woman’s life because she bleeds every single month. If that was not adequate there are cricks, fatigue, changes in appetite yet they don’t pause. If all this can not affect being moody, I don’t know what will.

You know, women basically don’t want people to stereotype them with gender role. She wants her personal breathing space with emancipation to fulfill her dreams and desires. She wants the world to respect her, but before that she wants you to respect her first. She wants you to support her and guide her. She definitely does not need a protector. She needs a companion and a dogma that she can handle everything.

This is what women want! This is all she wants!

-Pooja Pariath